Ada Da Silva

Sculpture Artist

Ada Da Silva

Modernist sculptor based in Mexico City and Miami. My work is a blend of abstract and classic forms using only the bronze medium.

Born in Havana, Cuba and grew up in sunny Miami, Florida.

My Definition of Art: " To invoke emotions through the expression of elegance and beauty." Ada Da Silva

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“What inspires your emotions?… art, beauty and the blissful elegance of nature.” by Ada Da Silva





About my work:

I create figurative and surrealistic sculptures that go beyond the literal, adapting the human form to merge philosophical ideas and abstract concepts. Presenting this aesthetic balance in the sculptural enduring bronze form.

My fascination with sculpture and the abstraction of emotions began years ago as way to convey my artistic expression.

I combine a representation of the human form and the unpredictable quality of emotions, translated by movement to create abstract lines and forms. Striving to invoke emotions with powerful abstract elements in each of my sculptures: this is the inspiration for the original and abstract essence of my work. Each created to convey the movement, thought and the emotions I want to portray.

My work is imaginative, thought provoking, and surrealistic, leading the viewer to make some of their own conclusions. While there are various interpretation to all of my sculptures, once a viewer sees it, they add their own equally valid interpretation.

About the Artist Background :

Ada Da Silva is a Cuban born modernist sculptor now based in Miami. Ada lived in Mexico City for a decade where she refined her artistic technique under the tutelage of various accomplished international artists; she is a graduate of the University of Minnesota where she graduated with honors in Economics and Finance. In her finance career she led commercial real estate finance business as the President.

Miami Design District: MISO

Riviera Country Club: Member's Only Fine Arts Show

Ada works closely with designers and architects. Her sculptures have been placed in high profile

homes and boutique hotels around the world.




Private Commissions

Commissioned for private works: Miami Beach, FL

Phoenix, Arizona

Minneapolis, MN

Mexico City, Mexico

Sidney, Australia

New York, NY

Commissioned by Miami Symphony Orchestra to create

unique sculpture to present

to President of the Coconut Grove Arts Festival & Historical Association: Monty Trainer

Public Exhibitions

National Art Shows throughout Mexico City

Boutique Hotel Guadalajara

ASF Art Show Mexico City

Club de Golf Bosques

Coconut Grove Arts

Miami, Florida

Miami Symphony Orchestra

Miami Design District

Gulliver Prep Gala

Silent Auction

39th Annual Riviera Country Club Fine Arts Show

Private Exhibitions

Diplomatic Embassy of US Ambassador to Mexico